The construction progress continues. Since summer, a new 2-3 bed cabin on our boat Ronja has been completed besides the Klüverkoje (in the bow). The guest bathroom featuring a hightech toilet is fit for use. Also starting from spring, it's not necessary anymore to walk aloft in order to reach the shower.
Despite winter, the Jule is attracts an amazing number of adventurous night guests, who let themselves being rocked to sleep with cuddly blankets and hot water bottels (as well as a little electric heater).

Jule even attracts an impressive amount of adventurous overnight guests who let themselves be rocked to sleep with warm blankets and hot-water bottles. We even awarded a medal for bravery on nights with storm tide! Now the first warm sunbeams already allow you to sit on deck, which is freshly sanded, polished and varnished!

As of now we also offer breakfast – for salty- and freshwater sailor-appetites!

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an inside into the winterly live on bord of the Klabauterbett family valentines day 2015:
The "Klabauterbett" is accepted in our top 10 "most romantic places" in Bremen.

Yacht-Artikel vom 22.10.2014:
Quelle: Delisus Klasing Verlag, Hamburg, Yacht Nr22, 22.10.2014, Text: Meyer-Schilf

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Quelle: Weserkurier, Bremen, 20.September 2014, Text: Sara Sundermann