Jule is a genuine old-fashioned sailboat, an 82-year old lady of the sea made from solid wood. When we are not currently taking her across the oceans, she is available for lodgings. Jule is currently moored abreast our houseboat Ronja, which in turn lies abreast the Liede. The mooring is sheltered from the fairway at the shore of the river Weser. The breakwater in this calm harbor is submerged twice daily – the only time when the bow waves of passing ships can rock moored vessels. The exact times are marked in the tide chart at the Wilhem-Kaisen-Brücke bridge.

Jule is ideally suited for single travelers or couples but can offer rather cozy space for up to 4 guests, with her tapered twin bed at the bow and two cots in the cabin.

We prepare the preferred beds (bow or cabin) and provide hand and bath towels. Hot and cold beverages, soups and snacks are available from the minibar for a small fee. If you prefer to arrange your own meals, you will find a small cooking stove as well as dishes. To help you explore the area around your lodgings we provide two foldable bicycles as well as our little red rowing boat.

We don´t take any liability for common colds and the like. Your overnight stay is at your own risk and in the colder seasons only recommended for the hardy.